SES v0.5 Released


We just released a new version of SES that should make it a lot easier to use SES in normal JavaScript workflows. It fixes a number of issues involving SES working with bundlers, and it adds better documentation.

Note that there is a breaking change in the API. SES itself is the default export now, so code that used to import ses in this way:

import { SES } from 'ses';

must now do this:

import SES from 'ses';

The package now exports bundles in various flavors: CommonJS, ES6 Module, and browser-based UMD.

Other changes:

  • whitelist Symbol.matchAll, to fix Chrome-v73 (Issue #90)
  • change primary export #88
  • improve documentation #66 #67
  • add bundler integration tests #85
  • packaging: remove ses-shim.js, add other generated bundles
  • update Realms shim to commit 0c00eb, to fix Browserify #79
  • test against node v10/v11, switch from travis to circleci #73
  • fix examples #102

To update, run npm install ses.

If you have any trouble, please let me know through an issue on Github if you can. We really appreciate any and all feedback.