Implementing Safe-Module POCs — in Node.js

So a year after joining the node.js/modules efforts, and after making a few attempts to indicate that we needed a way to bootstrap ESM modules natively in Node.js that was not Node.js itself — and I did that because planting a seed is often the only way to avoid making arguments prematurely — and I think that eventually panned out.

What I was hoping for was an implementation that is closely aligned with node’s release cycles, and one the retains the full intent of it — all that was technically only possible if the internal implementation was privy to the finer-graining on both fronts (internal and native/bindings)… I’d like to recommend this implementation is the LCD for native/bindings POC of Safe Modules, which is the one most aligned with the outline requirements.

Drawing the right assumptions on theory specific to the module loading system is best served with enough insights from transpilation-based polyfills as well as native translation-based.

This is similar to when proposals do a Babel plugin as well as a experimental/flagged implementation/release.

So I’d like to get this started as a collaborative effort and would love your participation. I am working hard on trying to go out of my comfort zone for POC work and make it useful for others — if you are busy and only have time for goal-setting or the occasional mentoring/review, that would be tremendously helpful.