Experiment: Reimplementing Node's module system(s) using classes

CommonJS Experiment

Yet another implementation of Node.js CommonJS module system. This one authored as ECMAScript modules and is intended to be used only on supporting runtimes. It also tries to leverage other modern language features like classes cautiously, i.e. with partial-encapsulation, freezing and non-configurable properties.

This is a very early effort (2 days in the making) but coincidentally timed well to share with the group.

The actual implementation is not done yet as my initial concern is to iron out encapsulation and inheritance-related vulnerabilities.

Edit: I only discovered this groups a day before this week’s meeting. I have a lot to learn about the groups efforts and hope to contribute positively in that regard. I am somewhat obsessed with new language features and experimental projects, and very patient in my pursuits.

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