Awesome-ocap pattern language wiki

OCap patterns are hidden gems, so I started adding a pattern language wiki to awesome-ocap:

Background / Motivation:

I was in a smart contracts discussion forum and the introductory question was “what’s your favorite smart contract pattern?” I said “I dunno… Notary / Inspector” assuming everybody knew what that was. But the response I got from the moderator was “is there a write-up on that?”

So I pointed them at Vouching with Notary/Inspector from E in a Walnut on the erights wiki. But

  1. that looks old and hence out of date, and
  2. it’s not maintained in the context of modern work on JavaScript.

And I’m working with a lisp / C hacker who is coming up to speed on JS and OCaps. Again, the erights wiki and nodejs / npm / vs-code / etc. are just worlds apart.

Then I (re-)discovered that I have >100 stars and 14 forks on awesome-ocap , including a fork by Graydon Hoare with 2.4k github followers.

So I started adding a pattern language wiki, with topics such as…